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About us

A Sentinel by definition, is a soldier or person whose job it is to stand guard or keep watch. Often they guard an entry and protect it.


Founded in 2016, Sentinel Caravans is a family owned and operated business established by Rodney Knight (Noddy), who aims to bring quality to the market. We pride ourselves on repairing any type of caravan and no job is too big or too small. All work is meticulously examined by Noddy himself and we pride ourselves on our high standard and attention to detail.


We are able to custom build caravans for any individual or family based on their needs.


Anything to do with caravans, we know how to do it!



Raised by his grandparents, Noddy is born and bred in Melbourne's northern suburbs. He is extremely hardworking, honest and reliable and has carried these traits with him into his dream job. This is evident in the love he puts into each and everyone of his caravans prior to handing them over to the customer.


Noddy and his team re-construct and repair caravans (RV's), at the highest level of quality and comfort for the everyday traveler. A very passionate man, Noddy is the guy to assist you in making the caravan of your dreams. 


"If it's not up to scratch, its not going into a van, it's that simple!"

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